Reasons to Run at Night

Running at night helps athletes relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and physically prepare for an effective new day.

Abundant Energy

In the morning, the efficiency of many body systems isn’t high, and blood circulation tends to be relatively slow. Strong physical activities during this time may not be beneficial for people with cardiovascular issues, and could even lead to certain risks. On the other hand, the body’s energy level remains quite high in the evening, as fatigue typically sets in around noon or afternoon – exercising during this time is reasonable.

Fresh Air

Scientific studies show that the carbon dioxide concentration in the air is relatively high in the morning, which is why some elderly people may encounter unexpected situations when exercising in the morning. However, if you choose to run at night, the air is fresher and more pleasant, athletes basically have no problem taking a deep breath after exercising.

Reasons to Run at Night

Improved Sleep

Running at a suitable pace in the evening can make you feel tired, but because runners will go home afterwards, take a warm shower to alleviate body fatigue and reduce tiredness with high-quality sleep, the result is that their condition the next day will be very good. This is due to the significantly improved sleep quality after exercise.

Stress Relief

After a long day of studying or working, night running is one of the effective ways to relieve stress, fatigue, mental shock and prepare for a more effective new day.

However, with night running, it’s necessary to understand some rules to maintain a healthy body and gain maximum benefits, such as not exercising too intensely or too late. Just understanding the right intensity and timing for running at night will help your body become much healthier.

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